Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy®

Systemic Deep Tissue Therapy® penetrates the deeper tissues in order to tackle the underlying condition(s). Conditions start from early childhood and our daily habits seem to lock the body structure into a certain posture. This starts an altered reaction of cause and effect in the body, setting up a complex conditioning. Generally deep therapy seems to mean hard pressure, but depth is a relative and dynamic term. It is not related to hard pressure.  Muscles are like any other organ. Their specialization is to contract and relax. As long as muscles contract and relax, there is no problem, but when they forget to do one or the other, problems are set into motion. To work properly, muscles use only a part of their entire mass. The part that remains operative is in “protective mode”. Muscles do not weaken, they become partly non-operative. When a muscle remains in contract mode for a long time, it tends to forget its naturally designed mission which is contract AND relax. Effective therapy teaches muscles to remember their genetic disposition.” (as referenced in the Level 1 SDTT ® handout)

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